What Do Small Children’s Mums Actually want for Mother’s Day?

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I would love for my husband to read this article..


1. Let her sleep in and in the meantime quietly go to the kitchen to start preparing the second point!


We all know how important undisturbed sleep is to feel energetic and ready to listen to 101 “moooooom” the next day. Therefore, let her sleep an extra hour or two!



2. When she wakes up, serve her favorite breakfast in bed with a cup of hot coffee/matcha or tea. Yes, hot, because let’s be real, moms are the ones who often drink coffee cold. Extra points if you have cooked breakfast together – Dad with the kids! For everything to go smoothly in the morning, you have to make sure all the products are prepared and ready for breakfast the night before Mother’s Day!




3. Get her fresh flowers, no matter how cliché it may be, I always appreciate it when there are fresh cut flowers at home, and rarely do other moms disagree with me, especially if the flowers were received from their little ones.



4. Organize something to pamper her  – a visit to the SPA with a massage, an undisturbed bath with a book – something that she doesn’t allow herself to do daily or says she just doesn’t have time for it. In the meantime, you and your little ones can go to the park or any other place of your favorite midday activity.



5. Don’t make her cook! Instead, take the whole family out for lunch and surprise her with your choice of restaurant. Don’t let her organize on this day, just let her enjoy everything you have planned for her. See if the restaurants near you have planned a special “Mother’s Day Brunch”, where an animator would take care of the children’s entertainment to enjoy your meal very leisurely!



6. Help the children prepare a sentimental gift for her! My choice would be a Scrapbooking album from Cloudberry. All you need is: to buy a set of Design Cards (any you like) and let the children express themselves with drawings and love letters to put in the album. If you print out some lovely pictures that you put in the album before the gift, then tears of mom’s touch are guaranteed. These beautiful albums can be found on the www.cloudberry.design website!




7. Take care of the house! Take the initiative and clean up the house with the help of your children or hire someone to do it for you while mom is at the SPA.



8. Tonight you take on the children’s evening rituals and bedtime. In the meantime, sit her on the couch with a glass of wine (or a cup of tea), assemble her favorite snacks – olives, cheese, and other snacks, turn on a movie she’s wanted to watch for a long time, and say, “Relax, honey.”



Believe me, if you plan out a day like this, you will receive the “Dad of the Year 2022” title, and every time your wife tells her friends how fantastic her “Mother’s Day” you will be able to smile proudly.