Daily Planner Oh, Honey


This 2023 year daily planner is in the English language. 

Cloudberry is created for you to help you create a framework for your days –  calm and hectic, where you are the one who decides the day. For days that lay the foundations for your boldest dreams and days to enjoy, experience, and preserve.

With the Cloudberry 2023 two-sided goal planner, you will become more harmonious and motivated. Learn how to set and achieve your goals because, on the B-side of the planner, you will find both meditation and time planning techniques, as well as various tasks that will help you achieve your goals.

To achieve your big goal, you should start with small steps. On the planner side B, before each month, set your most important goals, efforts, and how you will reach them. In that way, Your action steps will be much more precise and transparent, and the big goal will seem more achievable.

The planner pages are housed in beautiful faux leather covers with shiny rings, compartments for storing small items, and high-quality materials to ensure maximum durability, elegance, and practicality.

You can use these faux l leather covers for several years, as it is possible to remove and insert new inner pages – additional dotted pages for notes and new planner pages.

The following sections will be available for you on side B of the 2023 planner:

  • Balance wheel
  • 12 windows of the New Year
  • Dream map creation
  • Morning and evening good habits
  • Gratitude, Intention, and Affirmation practication
  • Journaling
  • What is meditation?
  • 7 Different meditations (Morning meditation for a more energized day, gratitude meditation for abundance, evening meditation for peace, and meditation for focus)
  • Dream visualization
  • Breathing exercises for peace of your heart.
  • S.M.A.R.T goal map
  • Parkinson’s law
  • Pareto analysis
  • Eisenhower’s matrix
  • Time balancing
  • Pomodoro technique and tasks.
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