“Kokotājs” Tree Identification Game


This product is available only in Latvian language.

Lumberjack is a game designed for both children and parents to help identify the most common trees found in Latvia. The set includes 18 cards – 9 cards depicting trees and 9 cards depicting their leaves and fruits. The objective of the game is to find matching pairs.

These cards can also be used to play a memory game. It’s a fun way to help children identify trees and train their memory at the same time. The cards are durable, thick, laminated, and the drawings are highlighted with a glossy finish. The game is complemented by a booklet that provides a detailed description of each tree, its medicinal properties, interesting facts, and game instructions.

Set includes:

  • Convenient and durable cardboard box 18 cards on thick cardboard with 9 trees and their corresponding leaves and fruits
  • Booklet describing the general characteristics of each tree, interesting facts, and medicinal uses
  • The booklet also includes game rules
  • The product was created in collaboration with Latvian botanists and artists
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