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Brighten Your Day with Cloudberry’s Affirmation Stickers!

Add a splash of color and positivity to your life with our vibrant Affirmation Stickers! Designed to inspire and uplift, these stickers are perfect for adding a touch of joy to your everyday routine. Stick them on your phone, laptop, journal, or anywhere that needs a little extra positivity. Let our stickers be your daily reminder to believe in yourself and embrace the bright side of life!



An affirmation is a positive statement. It is repeated multiple times to replace negative beliefs with new, positive ones. By repeating affirmations many times, the subconscious begins to perceive these statements as truth, allowing us to create the life we desire.

Regular practice is necessary if you want to achieve lasting, long-term changes in your thinking and feelings. The method and popularity of positive affirmations are based on widely researched and recognized psychological theories. Affirmations help us harness the power of positive words to transform our way of thinking. Think about how you feel when someone speaks encouraging words to you. It truly boosts your self-esteem.


Product specifications:

  • Stickers with a hard UV lacquer coating
  • The coating is resistant to mechanical scratches
  • The sticker set consists of 20 different sticker designs
  • Sticker designs are on A5 size paper
  • On plastic, computer, phone, glass, mirror surfaces – the sticker CANNOT be removed
  • On silicone surfaces (such as phone cases), the sticker CAN be removed

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