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This product is available only in Latvian language.

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Psychologists have proven that our mind is influenced by the surrounding environment. What we see and hear creates our feelings and thoughts, which in turn result in specific actions. To improve our daily life and our overall well-being, we must first improve what we perceive. Each individual is the creator of their own life and can choose which direction to go and where to focus. These cards are created to help you see and hear your true potential and to enable your mind to believe in what you are truly capable of.

Affirmations are a daily source of strength and positivity for your spiritual growth. Start your morning by choosing a card that suits your daily plans and needs. Say the chosen words out loud three times, take a deep breath, and believe in them – believe in yourself! Repeat this practice several times throughout the day and notice how your mood changes, your daily life improves, and your achievements enhance. Boost your self-confidence, inspire your mind, and fulfill your dreams!

  • Set includes 49 cards
  • Card size: 9 x 13.5 cm
  • Made in Latvia
  • Text in Latvian language

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