Ring Bullet Journal

A bullet journal is for anyone who has things to do, places to be, people to meet and wants to organize their days, thoughts and plans while growing and developing as a person.

The Bullet Journaling method has become a very popular way to record everything happening in your life in the form of a diary. This format will especially appeal to those who have written a diary separately from their planning notes. It is no longer necessary to write in two notebooks, now you can write everything in one place. Keep your notebook close at hand or open on the table every day, and very soon you will notice that using it is both practical and exciting, and will change the way you organize your life! The author of the method perceives each completed notebook as a chapter of his life, allowing him to look back and evaluate what he experienced in the past so that reflections and conclusions help in the present and the future.

How to organise your Bullet journal?

  • Take notes by hand in a notebook, not on a computer or app. Taking notes by hand is very valuable – when we write by hand, we train our brain, so we develop the ability to think, make decisions and act faster, we develop the ability to concentrate and learn to formulate our thoughts better. Writing by hand not only develops our thinking, but is also a form of meditation.

  • Create your own annotation symbols, such as:

                    • Task
                    – Notes
                    ✓The task is completed
                     ! Important


  • Creates the table of contents which will allow you to quickly navigate the various topics.
  • Creates a yearly plan. This section will allow you to easily review the most important plans of the year each month. ( In one page you can fit six months, use two pages to create a year plan)
  • Create a monthly plan. On one page, you can mark the monthly calendar with dates where the most important monthly plans/events will be noted, which will allow you to easily review your monthly plan.
  • Create a list of monthly tasks, these notes will not allow you to forget about the most important tasks/plans of the month.
  • Daily notes – mark the date and start your notes, start the next day’s notes when the previous day is over. The next day or week is not planned, because you can never know how much space you will need.

Get organized with these double-sided bullet journals. The cover is vegan-friendly since it’s made of faux leather. Choose from a few different colorways available. It features an open-ring binder format that holds 120 dotted sheets of paper, a pen holder, and small pockets to fit your bills, post-it notes, cards, and other mementos. 

    • 20 dotted sheets – 120 g/m2 Munken Pure paper
    • Small pockets for bills, love letters, and other small items
    • One pocket with a zipper
    • Size: 19×23,5 cm, the size of one page – 14,5 × 21 cm.
    • For an additional fee, you can put a name or initials on the front
    • Pen holder
    • Complement the note design with one of the Washi tape sets.

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