What to do when you’re totally not in the mood for work

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Picture this: You’re at your desk, and work feels like an uphill battle. New emails keep popping up every few minutes, your to-do list is growing by the second, and your boss is eagerly awaiting that important file while you seem stuck in procrastination mode. 

Maybe you start a Word document, but then there’s a quick detour to check Facebook (again), followed by returning to Word, where you barely get the first word of the title typed before another peek at Twitter (for the 55th time today).

Before you realize it, an hour has slipped away, and your motivation for work seems to be completely lost. So what do you do? We explain in the article below!

Just start

One of the easiest tricks to motivate yourself is to simply start. Just set a 30-second countdown timer, and when it reaches zero, go ahead and tackle the very first task on your list. If you find yourself still lacking motivation or feeling down even after completing that first email or any other initial task, you can explore other strategies. But you’ll be surprised how often this little tip can work wonders!


Set aside time to read

While it might seem strange at first to dedicate time to reading when you’re seeking motivation to be more productive, there are moments when doing something seemingly unrelated can actually help you tackle your tasks better. Cultivating a daily reading habit is a simple yet powerful way to shape your thinking and, in the end, get inspiration in various aspects of your life.

Make sure you’re doing what you really need to do

Take a close look at your list and remove anything that brings you down or doesn’t really need your attention. Sometimes, it’s okay not to finish something if you can’t even remember why you began it in the first place.

Reward yourself

One of the key reasons many people struggle to stick to their plans or achieve their goals is that they don’t see immediate rewards for their efforts. 

Whether it’s getting fitter or building a thriving business, people often quit not due to lack of hard work but because they crave instant gratification. We all yearn for quick results, but let’s face it, true success takes time. So, instead of waiting for outcomes, why not treat yourself and indulge in a well-deserved reward after you’ve put in the effort?

You don’t need to wait for a raise from your boss, for clients to make purchases, or for the numbers on the scale to drop to feel good about yourself. You have every reason to celebrate your hard work and give yourself a little treat once you’ve accomplished your task. Enjoy a delicious cup of matcha, gift yourself your favorite book, or even enjoy a 15-minute nap if that makes you happy.

End  notes

We all have those days when work feels like a mountain to climb. If you’re not feeling motivated right now, don’t worry, you’re most likely not the only one! The good news is, you’ve just discovered four awesome tips that should help you get your motivation. Now that you’ve got these tools in your pocket, it’s time to dive back into work (or maybe just take that first step). 

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