Meditation: Why everyone’s doing it and you should too


Meditation: Why everyone’s doing it and you should too

What is meditation?

The mind-body practice allows you to be more mindful of the present. Most people choose to do breathing-based meditation, while others prefer visualization, mantra, and other types. What’s great about the beneficial process is that it can be practiced both alone and in a group. 

Don’t have time to include meditation in your daily life? That’s okay too. Even doing something that allows you to feel more at peace and focused will do the trick. You can take a shower, play with your pet, or enjoy a walk by the beach. Start with yourself before anything else. Go on an adventure and experience something new within yourself and your feeling.

Don’t think of the practice as another task to add to your to-do list. View meditation as an opportunity to take a moment for yourself. In the process, you can seek answers to unanswered questions and learn more about yourself.

What do you need to meditate about? When can you do the practice?

Practicing mediation is easy. All you need is 10 minutes of peace and quiet. The best time to meditate is at sunrise or sunset. Keep your stomach empty, so you aren’t sleepy. You can also choose to meditate in the middle of a stressful day. This can help you organize your thoughts.

When you first begin to do the practice, it may be challenging to maintain it regularly. Even for the most dedicated people, life often gets in the way. But with meditation, you’ll see the benefits only if you figure out how to make it a habit. Using Cloudberry’s planner, it will be much easier!

In our planner, you’ll find seven different meditations. Scan the QR code, test them out and see which one you like most. Likewise, you’ll also find a meditation ‘wheel’, which is convenient for tracking your progress.

End notes

Did you know that an estimated 31.1% of US adults alone have experienced anxiety at some in their lives? The numbers are striking. Luckily, there’s scientific evidence that meditation can be a cure for stress in your life. Practice it daily, and use your Cloudberry planner to mark your journey.