2023 mid-year check-in: Track your goal progress

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We’re already more than halfway through the year, can you believe it? Time really does fly! In January, you most likely set your goals, so now is the perfect time to look at them and assess your progress. This way, you’ll ensure you’re moving in the right direction and don’t get lost on the way. 

Not sure how to do a mid-year goal check-in? Don’t worry – we’ve got your back! 


Analyze the big picture

When it’s time for your mid-year check-in on your goals, don’t just focus on the day-to-day grind. Try to zoom out and see the big picture too! Envision yourself five years from now. Think about where you’d like to be (both career-wise and in your personal life). Once you’ve done that, take a closer look at the details. What steps are you taking every day to get closer to your goal?

By evaluating your progress from multiple angles, you’ll gain a clearer understanding of how far you’ve come and where you’re headed.

Take a look at each goal

During your mid-year check-in, assess your goals one by one. For some, it will be easier to track progress, especially if they are number based (for instance, you were hoping to save up a specific amount of money this year). For others, it will be more challenging, but don’t let that discourage you. 

Here’s a helpful tip: write down everything you’ve accomplished for the specific goal. For example, if you were planning to spend more time with family, jot down every action you’ve taken to do that.

Think about a deadline

So, you have a goal in mind and are eager to achieve it within the year. However, have you taken the necessary steps to create a concrete plan? If you find yourself making little progress towards a particular goal, it’s crucial to set a specific deadline and meticulously plan out each actionable step in reverse order.


Make a list

Occasionally, the goals we set in January may no longer align with our evolving intentions just a few months later. To gain clarity on the activities and objectives we truly desire, it is beneficial to create a more/less list. 

Take a piece of paper and divide it with a line down the middle. On one side, jot down the things you wish to increase or engage in more frequently. On the other side, note what you want to decrease or engage in less frequently. By comparing this list to your existing goals, you can identify any inconsistencies and make appropriate adjustments.


Celebrate yourself

Reviewing your goals isn’t an easy task. If you haven’t made much progress, it can feel a bit disheartening. 

But while it’s important to be honest with yourself, it’s as important to be kind. There’s always something worth celebrating. Even if it’s just a tiny step toward achieving your goal, it’s a victory to be proud of.

End notes

A mid-year check-in is an excellent opportunity to take a hard look at yourself and your goals and pat yourself on the back for everything you’ve achieved so far. But remember – ticking off your goals doesn’t define your worth.