6 tips & tricks to achieve your goals

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Around the New Year, people tend to sit down and think of the last year, of the achievements and losses they experienced. Of the people who were along with them during their journey through the year. Of the places they visited and the experiences they had. Meanwhile, we are also setting targets and plans for the next year in our heads. January is the first blank page of our newest book – where the past is in the past, and the future is yet to come. Month zero.


The excitement of new beginnings is almost magical. And it is a good idea to leave blank spaces to be filled with the surprises life is preparing for you. But to live a life you desire, you will have to sit down, face your mind, your truths and your dreams, and create a vision. A plan. A list. To help you with that, we will list some tips and tricks to get you started.

Plan, prioritise, organise!

1.First, of course, you need to have a vision – what you would like to do in a certain period? What would you like to achieve? What are those dreams that set your soul on fire? Then, don’t hesitate to write them all down, no matter big or small – let yourself want it all!

2. Once you have a list, get to prioritising. Some things on your list are more important and some are perhaps a bit less. Be honest and fair to yourself. If going for a dream vacation feels more critical at this stage of your life than buying a new sofa – so be it!

3. After you have prioritised, it is time to organise. This means you will have to decide which checkbox is planned to be ticked in which period. Don’t let yourself procrastinate! If you have set up your mind, go for it and don’t leave space for excuses. You can have it all; all you have to do is go for it and take it.

You can apply this method both in long and short term planning, be it a year or one day, remember – plan, prioritise and organise!

Without a doubt planning your life is not an easy thing to do. Quite the contrary – it can be pretty tough to face your true self and figure out your plans. It can also be tough to stick with the schedules and not procrastinate. However, to live the life of your dreams with motivation is not enough; inspiration comes and goes. And once it is gone, discipline and your plan are what stay with you. Thereby, when you make a plan, consider the following: 

3. Evaluate yourself and your behaviour. You know yourself and what you can do; you know your good and bad habits. Take them into consideration! If you are more productive in the morning hours, plan your day accordingly. If you tend to procrastinate when working from home – go to an office or rent a space in a shared office. If you know you cannot resist beautiful shoes, but you have to do it if you want to save enough for your overseas trip, then put money aside the day you get your salary. Once again, be honest to yourself. There is no one you have to prove yourself to!

4. Visualise your goals and your tasks. To reach them, it is essential to know what you are after. If it helps, take scissors, glue and some magazines – create small vision boards in your planner. Those can be monthly, quarterly or even yearly projects. This can be a very effective method; your visualised dreams will remind you why you are doing what you are doing. 

5. Set up both long and short term goals. It is excellent to achieve big things in life. But big things typically take a more extended period. To keep yourself on track, set short-term goals and don’t forget to celebrate once you have achieved them!

Even though January is already up and running, it does not mean you cannot start planning your dreams now. Any day of the year is excellent for new beginnings! Your inspiring Cloudberry planners, and we are here to support you in your journey. So take a look http://www.cloudberry.design and make this year count!