12 windows for this year

The beginning of the year is the perfect time to make plans and goals. One of the easiest and most fun techniques to do it is filling out 12 windows. The idea is simple – each focuses on a specific topic and field in your life. Set aside one or, at maximum, 1.5 minutes to answer each question we’ve included below. Using this playful method, it will be easier to see your next year’s priorities and ensure 2023 is more meaningful.

Don’t overthink

When filling out the windows, you should write down the first thoughts that pop into your mind. This method is not about thinking too much. As you go through the questions, you should let your ideas flow into the paper. 

If you believe one of the windows isn’t relevant, you don’t have to fill it. Focus on the ones that seem important. So take your favorite pen, your Cloudberry planner, and fill out the 12 windows for this year!

The first window is all about you. Figure out what you would like to achieve this year regarding your physical body, looks, and style. Use this time to think about the way to improve your appearance and make yourself feel better.

The second window focuses on material well-being, money, and things. How much would you like to earn? Where would you spend the money? Don’t be afraid to write specific numbers and goals.

The third window is about all things communication, information, intellect, studies, and transport. Perhaps, this year there’s something you’d like to learn? How would you like to communicate with others? Answers these questions as honestly as possible.

The fourth window includes goals and tasks which relate to family. What are you grateful for? What kind of relationship would you like to have with your family? What does family mean for you? This can also be a moment to be thankful for being alive.

The fifth window centers around love, hobbies, creativity, well-being, pleasure, and kids. Here, you should include goals that relate to these topics. Write down what you feel would be a good result in these fields.

The sixth window. Daily routines. While filling it out, consider your ideal day rhythm. What kind of morning routine would you like to have? What about beauty? Don’t be afraid to have a routine – it helps to structure your life and day.

The seventh window concerns partnerships, marriage, and personal and business relationships. What would you like to achieve in these fields?

The eighth window is an opportunity to dream big. Here, you should include goals that seem scary and risky. That can be changing your lifestyle, beginning a new project, or doing anything else that makes your heart beat faster.

The ninth window is focused on travel and studies. Where would you like to travel this year? Perhaps, you’d like to adventure on the other side of the globe? Likewise, think about your study interests. Maybe 2023 is the year to begin your master’s or start teaching others?

The tenth window is responsible for big goals and career dreams. Write down your ambitions and dreams that make you step out of your comfort zone. Try to narrow them down to something specific.

The eleventh window. Pleasures, friends, hobbies, socialization. This is a moment to think about your friends. Answer this question – what gives your life a nice meaning?

The twelfth window. This is a window that brings together everything else mentioned before. It is related to spirituality, internal processes, and medication. Consider what would bring you peace this year. Think about the personal qualities you’d like to have. Connect your mental and physical being.



Once you’ve finished writing, go through each of the windows. Underline the most important aspects and try to find the essence. While it’s fun to do this task, it is beneficial too. Using this technique, you’ll have a clearer understanding of your goals and dreams. Now, all you have to do is to take action. We know you have it in you!