8 tips on how to easier get back to routine

As vacations wrap up and kids head back to school, we’re suddenly faced with the reality of settling back into a routine.

This may sound tough after a relaxing few months of socialising and sunshine, but these top tips will help you easy get back into your routine and get yourself back on track.

1. Plan your time

As we say goodbye to the warm weather, it’s time to welcome some much-needed organization into your life.

Take time for yourself. Every Sunday plan your next week as well as every day you next day tasks.  Write down what tasks that have to be done this week, and what goals must be achieved.

To make your plan more structured use panner.

When the week is planned turn your planner to the other side and spend 10 minutes on the creative side of the planner. The tasks of the creative side will allow you to organize your inner world and find peace.

Download and print out cloudberry yearly wall calendar (up to A2size) 

It will be useful at your home for:

– Planning family activities;
– Marking the birthdays and names days of people you love;
– Mark the concerts and events you want to attend;
– Use it to track and mark your kid’s school events. 

2. Start your morning slowly

Start mornings with time for yourself.

These are some tips that will help you wake up in the morning easier:

  1. Don’t start your morning by scrolling through your phone.
  2. Set your alarm clock early, and make sure that you have enough time for your morning routine before others woke up.
  3. Don’t press snooze – or do that once if that’s what you need, but then get up
  4. Make sure that you are not staying up too late. You need to aim for 7 – 9 hours of sleep. 

3. Practice your gratitude

Psychologists have proven that our minds are driven by our environment. What we see and hear creates our feelings and thoughts, which seem to result in specific actions. To improve our daily lives, we must first improve what we perceive.

Our everyday life is not always filled with moments of joy and happiness. Even on sh*** days, it is important to remember how many good and beautiful things are around us.

At such moments, it is good to sit down, take your beloved notebook and write down what you are grateful for in this life.

There really are so many things in life that we forget to be grateful for.

4. Encourage to believe in yourself.

Often we spend our day the way we start it. Sometimes a good word from our loved ones is enough for us to find joy in the future tasks of the day, but sometimes we look around and cannot find motivation for our daily tasks and duties.

Cloudberry Affirmation cards are created for you to see and hear your potential and for your mind to believe in what you are capable of.

Start your morning with the right card for your plans and needs. Read the words from the card you have chosen out loud three times, breathe in and believe them – believe yourself! Repeat this action several times a day and you will notice how your mood changes, your everyday life, and your achievements improve. Increase your self-belief, inspire your mind and make your dreams come true!

5. Stretch your body

Although during the summer you have probably become lazier with sports activities, so now is the right time to bring them back into your everyday life. 

  1. Start your morning with stretching. A stretched body will make you feel more energetic.
  2. Remember that you don’t always need to spend a lot of time exercising, even a couple of minutes in the morning with stretching exercises is enough to wake up your body.
  3. Get inspiration from short exercise videos on YouTube.
  4. Listen to your favorite music while exercising, good music will improve your mood
  5. Or just put on your favorite song and have some crazy dance.

6. Plan your meals

Meal planning can help you have healthy meals and snacks no matter how busy things get.
As well as saveing your time thinking about what to cook and again what groceries you need to get from the store.

That’s why his time it won’t be about what you eat, but exactly how to plan all the meals for the week.

Make a week meal schedule – I take an A3 sheet, mark the days of the week and stick sticky notes. On each note, I write a meal that I would like to have each day. I recommend using them because then it is very easy to change places of meals and you don’t have to redo the page (it is almost impossible to predict which day you will want to eat exactly that food, or which day you will have more or less time to spend in the kitchen.)

This type of meal planning will help you save time and also allow you to buy products in time, saving both time and money.

7. Make your evenings memorable

When the summer is over and the evenings get darker faster, it is the right time when to use your free time by doing some interesting and creative activities at home.

  1. Organize a movie night with family or friends.

  2. Prepare a delicious dinner and decorate the dining table, in this way you will create a festive feeling at home even on an ordinary day.

  3. Organize a game night.

  4. Create a book club with your girlfriends. Agree on a book that you will all read. This will be a great reason for everyone to get together and discuss what you all have read.
  5. Create a book of your memories and brightest moments with the Cloudberry scrapbooking album. This activity will allow you to express yourself in creativity, dwell on memories and keep them with you for a long time.

  6. Plan your next holiday trip.

8. Prepare for the next day

Every evening take your time to prepare for the next day. Choose the next day’s outfit, and pack the belongings that will be necessary for your daily routine. 

Getting organized for the next day will make your morning easier and with less stress about thinking if you took everything for your for further day plans/ activities.

Cloudberry Sunday dreamer tote bag will be a great helper in your everyday life, this bag will have a place for all your daily essentials, and at the same time, it will be a great accessory for your outfit.

These are 8 trips and tricks that helps me in my daily routine after unforgettable Summer vacation.

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