30 dates that will leave your significant other wanting more 😋

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The most romantic day of the year is here, which means it is the perfect time to plan a love-filled date night! If you’re lacking inspiration on how to surprise your significant other on the special occasion, I’ve got just the thing. 

Nothing is more valuable than time spent together. That’s why I’ve created a special dating box, which includes everything you need to create 12 beautiful invitations for lovely dates with your other half. 

Regardless of whether you’ve just started dating or have been together for decades, spending quality time together is the best way to foster communication and increase feelings of intimacy.

Run out of ideas on what to do on Valentine’s Day (or any other day you’re craving a date night)? Here’s a list of fun and romantic activities you and your boo will surely enjoy.

  1. Date night with salsa. Put your best dance shoes on, browse “YouTube” for salsa step tutorials, and let the music do the magic. Another option is to go on salsa lessons – in this case, you should make it a weekly activity. Let Dirty Dancing serve as your inspiration!
  2. Go on a virtual travel adventure. Pick a country you both would like to visit, prepare food and drinks (according to the theme, of course), and find a video that takes you through the destination’s amazing offerings. If you have the means, buy tickets to discover the beauty of your selected country in person.
  3. Create your own painting. You can use this kit or make your own. Draw on each other’s bodies, make love, and create art. Don’t forget to frame the masterpiece and hang it on your bedroom wall!


Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

4. Go for a walk in nature. Prepare yummy treats, throw a thermos in your backpack, and explore outdoor trails you’ve never visited. Once you stumble upon a scenic view, stop for a lunch break. As you fill your tummies with delicious food, indulge in meaningful conversations.

5. Have a board games night with tasty snacks and fresh drinks. If you’re looking for spicier options, here’s a great game to try. Be prepared – it’s about to get hot!

6. Cocktail or mocktail party. Find recipes for different cocktails you’d like to learn how to make. Purchase all the necessary ingredients and then follow the instructions. What’s great, you’ll be able to use your newly-acquired knowledge at your upcoming parties. 

7. Treat yourselves to a spa day with relaxing massages. Find a reputable SPA center in your area, and visit it with your boo.

8. Have fun in nature! Rent a modern camper to head on an outdoor adventure. Bonfire, s’mores, fresh air, starry sky – it’s bound to be a lovely time!

7. Plan a romantic bike trip. Pack a delicious picnic, along with some bubbly. Whenever hunger kicks in, stop for a bite and enjoy the outdoors. If you are planning a trip to Latvia, make sure to visit Sigulda and enjoy “La Fete picnic”

8. Picnic by the sea. Buy your favorite snacks (or pizza!), pack the drinks of your choice, and don’t forget a snuggly blanket. For an extra memorable experience, bring some candles with you and play some lovely music in the background.

9. Be a tourist in your home city. Book a hotel. Take a romantic walk through the most beautiful streets. Go for a delicious dinner. In the morning, order breakfast in bed, share a relaxing bath and allow yourselves to do nothing.

10. Romantic SPA date at home. Light the candles, fill the tub with warm water, pour in the bubbles, put on some background music, and let all your worries drift away. But – before you hop in the bath – write down a series of questions for you both to answer. Here you’ll find great ideas to spark conversation.


11. Go to a concert. Nothing beats dancing your heart out to your favorite music. Find a musician or band you both enjoy and buy tickets for their concert.

12. Return to high school! Grab your favorite takeaway and go for a drive. Look around – maybe there’s a drive-in cinema somewhere nearby.

13. A date with a stranger. If you’re into role-play, arrange a place for you both to meet and act like you’re on your first date. To make it more fun, get ready for the date separately. Put on a wig, and dress up more than usual. See wherever the night takes you!

14. Go on a road trip. Book a charming cabin in solitude. Along the way, stop at the must-see sites and attractions. Don’t forget to take your polaroid camera and capture all the fun in pictures. Later, you can place them in your scrapbook.

16. Go horse riding. These majestic and beautiful animals will make any date a good one.

17. Try scuba diving – maybe it will become your new passion.

18. Go on an extreme date. If you’ve never jumped out of a plane, consider doing it together! After the scary activity, you’ll feel like you are on top of the world.

19. A SUP date. Rent SUP boards and go on a sunrise trip. It will certainly be a magical experience.

20. Enjoy a winter date. Build a snowman and pack a delicious picnic. What else do you need for a perfect date?

21. A walk of silence. Choose a hiking trail you’d like to explore. Bring a tent with you (which you can build at the end of the day), light a fire, and indulge in wordless intimacy.

Photo by Vincent Botta on Unsplash

Photo by Danny Lines on Unsplash

23. Try your hand at golfing! There’s a reason it’s so popular. Couples who crave a more unusual experience can try disc golf. To make things more interesting, the loser must give the winner a massage.

24. Go on a hot air balloon flight. What can be more beautiful than saying ‘I love you’ at sunrise. Spoiler alert: nothing.

25. Sunrise hike and breakfast in the swamp (trust us, it’s more romantic than it sounds!). Start your day by getting your moves in on a sunrise hike. When the sun is up, enjoy a delicious breakfast surrounded by nature. 

26. Stay at a unique Airbnb. Did you know you can have a staycation at a castle, yurt, and even boxcar? You’ll find many amazing ideas here.

11. Enjoy a sauna date. According to science, heat can make your body release endorphins, also known as the ‘feel good’ hormones. Sharing the special experience with your boo is sure to be great.

28. Dinner in Paris or breakfast in Positano – if you’re looking for a way to surprise your loved one, it’s hard to beat this one. Book tickets and find a lovely accommodation for you both to enjoy, but don’t mention your plans. Make all the necessary arrangements (find someone to take care of your kids and pets). On the day of the scheduled flight, hand over a love letter to your wife or husband, ‘You have an hour. Take your passport and a nice dress/shirt, the driver will pick you up at 10 AM. We’ll be home in three days.’ I’ve organized a surprise like this for my sister and mother on their birthdays. It’s a fantastic experience for both the person who organizes it and the person who doesn’t know anything about it.

29. Reconnect with your inner child. Visit a theme park and hop on all the fun rides (even the ones that scare you).

30. Do a good deed. Visit an animal shelter and inquire about the ways you can help. Perhaps, you can make a lonely pup’s day by taking him on a walk. 

Wishing you a magical date night,