What do moms of young children really want on Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means now is the time to find the perfect gift.

Actions speak louder than words, so you want to make sure the mom is getting all the love she deserves. A new pair of earrings or her favorite perfume are great ideas, but for moms of young children, sometimes something more simple can be even more meaningful.

Here’s what they actually want to receive on Mother’s Day.

To have a good night’s rest

Ask any new mom what she misses from her old life, sleep will probably come at the top of the list. So it only makes sense that the ultimate Mother’s Day gift is the gift of sleep! 

We all know that a good night’s rest is the key to feeling refreshed and being ready to tackle any challenge that comes your way, including the neverending “Mom, can you”  requests. So this holiday, let her snooze a little longer while you sneak into the kitchen to whip up a delicious surprise that will make her day even more special.


A cup of hot coffee


Start her morning off right by serving her favorite breakfast in bed with a piping hot cup of coffee, matcha, or tea. Even if she’s used to drinking her coffee cold, she deserves to enjoy it hot for once!

As you prepare the breakfast, get the whole family involved. She’ll certainly appreciate the gesture.  To make sure everything goes smoothly, it’s best to prep all the ingredients the night before so you can focus on making precious memories with your loved ones in the morning.



As cliché as it may sound, I always appreciate having fresh-cut flowers at home, and hardly any mom will disagree with me, especially when the flowers come from her little ones.


A little pampering


Make her feel like a queen with a luxurious spa visit or an uninterrupted bath session (accompanied by a great book). These are the kinds of things that moms often don’t get a chance to do because of their busy schedules.

So, while she’s unwinding, take the kids to their favorite playground or activity spot and let them have a blast. It’s a win-win situation that will make everyone happy!

A shared lunch

Why not give the mom a break this Mother’s Day? Instead of making her cook and plan, treat the whole family to a surprise lunch outing! Take charge and choose a special venue that she would love. Let her relax and be pampered by others for a change.

Look into nearby restaurants and see if they have a special “Mother’s Day Brunch” with an animator to keep the little ones entertained so that you can enjoy your meal without a rush.


A sentimental gift


All moms love a good sentimental gift. To surprise her on her special day, get the little ones involved and help them create a one-of-a-kind present that’s guaranteed to impress – a collage album from Cloudberry.

Choose one of our scrapbooking kits and let the kiddos go wild with their creativity. They can draw pictures, write love letters, and express themselves in any way they see fit.

A clean house

Take the initiative and clean the house together with the children, or  – while mom is at the SPA – hire someone to do it for you!


A relaxing evening


Tonight, surprise her by taking charge of the kids’ evening routines and tucking them in for bed.

While you’re on daddy duty, let mom unwind on the couch with a glass of wine or cup of tea, her favorite snacks like olives and cheese, and finally, watch that movie she’s been dying to see.

End notes

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is always a challenge.

But remember – it’s the little things that make all the difference.These thoughtful gestures will show her just how much you care.