Why removing ‘Energy Leaks’ is the way to a better life

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Feeling drained? We might have an idea why. When you think about “energy,” it’s probably the kind you use up – like when you work out, support a friend, or meet deadlines at work. But think of energy as a balance. We need to have a good mix of routines, conversations, and things we enjoy that “recharge” us. This could be things like therapy sessions, taking a nap, or having a fun night out with friends. 

Imagine it as an energy bank account: you’ve got to refill it to have more to use. It doesn’t matter what your ideal life looks like – whether it’s about your job, money, relationships, health, or everything together – your energy bank account is super important for reaching any goal.

In fact, creating your dream life involves not only focusing on the positive energy you put into achieving your goals but also being mindful of the energy you might unknowingly use up, which could reduce your overall energy reserves. Energy leaks refer to those situations, thoughts, people, or actions that steal your energy without you being fully aware of it.

Embrace self-discovery

Start by exploring your thoughts, feelings, and actions and truly understanding where your focus and energy are directed. A great way to do this is through journaling, which can help you uncover patterns that might be sapping your energy. 

Pay attention to moments when you feel worn out, anxious, or stuck, as recognizing these moments is the initial step toward uncovering the sources of energy drainage. Use our Cloudberry journal to do it in style!

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Set healthy boundaries

We all encounter individuals in our lives, whether they’re friends, family members, or colleagues, who tend to consume more of our energy than they give. Sometimes referred to as “energy vampires,” these interactions can leave us feeling drained.

It’s crucial to establish boundaries if certain people or situations consistently have this effect on you. This might involve saying “no” more often, limiting your exposure to certain situations, or actively seeking out environments that are supportive and uplifting.


Let go of limiting beliefs

We all carry false assumptions, ideas, and stories that keep us from reaching our full potential. These energy drains often originate from beliefs that undermine our self-confidence and possibilities. To counter this, challenge these beliefs by questioning their accuracy and replacing them with affirmations that empower you. 

An approach often used in therapy, called cognitive restructuring, can be helpful in reshaping negative thought patterns and cultivating a more positive outlook. This is a good article to read.


Messy surroundings might actually mirror a mind full of thoughts. When your living areas, like your house, car, or office, are neat and tidy, it often means your thoughts are clearer too.

Calm your mind with meditation or mindfulness, and also make it a habit to tidy up your spaces to keep things clear.


End notes

Sometimes our minds get filled with stressful thoughts without us even realizing it. Past traumas, unresolved emotions, and toxic people can cause energy leaks, but the good news is that you can always change it. Use these tips to add more joy and clarity to your mind!