Simple ways to set powerful intentions

Simple ways to set powerful intentions

In today’s world, we are constantly running, trying to achieve the next milestone and crossing the next task on our ‘to-do list’. It’s easy to get lost in everything that’s happening around you. Soon enough, you realize months are slipping by, and there’s nothing you can do.

Well, there is. Intentions are an excellent tool that allows you to take control of your days and have ownership of your lived experiences. Instead of feeling like a victim of your circumstances, you can be the creator of your dream life. With our help, discover why intentions should be a part of your day and how to make the most of them.

Intentions give you power

If you’ve never heard of intentions before, it’s easy to confuse them with goals, but there’s a significant difference between the two. An intention is an aim or purpose without a specific end result. It is less structured and focuses more on an idea, mindset, and actions that align with your values. In a way, an intention functions as your own personal compass of what’s right or wrong.

Check out this TEDx Talks speech by Melanie Richards – it explains how intentions can be incorporated into meditation.

The beauty of intentions is that you can practice them anywhere, and it only takes a few minutes. If you can’t find the time to do them only means you could benefit from the daily habit. In fact, scientists from leading universities have confirmed it to be a fact.

So, how can you set an intention? Follow these steps.

Identify your desire

To set intentions, you must first determine your wishes. Instead of focusing on a specific result, concentrate your energy on the feeling you’d like to get. For instance, you shouldn’t intend to get a promotion. Rather – intent to feel fully expressed in what you do. 

Some people prefer to have clear and specific intentions, but it’s also okay to desire something more general, such as living in the moment.

Ensure your intentions are positive

When thinking about your intentions, make sure they come from a place of positivity. As you get pushed and pulled in different directions throughout your day, an intention will help you find a focal point to devote your energy to.

Science shows that negative emotions often outweigh their positive counterparts, that’s why it’s important to focus on the good and avoid phrases like ‘I won’t.

Think who you have to be

Intentions are all about being, not doing. As you think about your desires, you must also consider who you need to be to achieve your goal. To do that, we suggest keeping a journal where you note all the qualities you should embody.

Let’s say you’d like to become a professional musician. Your intention could be, ‘I intend to prioritize my creativity.’

Create a plan

A part of making intentions is mapping out action steps that will help you fulfill your desires. If you wish to be healthier, you should consider the specifics. For example, you should eat vegetables ‘x’ amount of times this week.

Intentions are sometimes compared to prayers – they really are similar in many ways. However, intentions are all about your power. Once you read them out, you acknowledge that only you have the ability to make them happen.

End notes

When it comes to intentions, practice is key. Thankfully, they require only a short amount of time, therefore, they can be incorporated into your morning routine, no matter how busy your schedule is. This way, each day will be purposeful, and you’ll feel motivated to conquer whatever is coming your way.

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