Feeling uninspired? Tips for getting back your creativity


We’ve all been there – you stroll into the office, settle at your desk, open your laptop, and… release a sigh of pure boredom. You float through the day without even looking up – handling emails, going through spreadsheets, battling yawns in meetings – until the sweet moment you can finally head home. And then, it’s rinse and repeat.

While you might have envisioned a career brimming with exciting ideas, enthusiastic meetings, and colleagues who inspire you, the reality often falls short and feels less fulfilling. If this situation sounds familiar, it’s possible that your job isn’t giving your creativity the space it deserves.

But how can you get back your creativity once it’s lost? We’ve got a couple of ideas!


Keep in mind that creativity is a unique journey for each person. Start by figuring out your goals, and then take steps in reverse to achieve them. 

It’s important to understand that creativity can take various forms; it might involve creating fun designs and artistic pursuits for some, while others might focus on generating innovative ideas for their work projects. Take some time to reflect on how and why you want to express your creativity.


If you find it challenging to let your creative juices flow, there might be something getting in your way, whether it’s coming from within or outside.

Begin by taking a moment to think about your current situation. Are there specific aspects of your job that seem to stifle your creativity? Or are there obstacles like a less-than-encouraging manager or your own fear of not succeeding? Once you pinpoint these factors, you can then openly share your creative aspirations with others and find a way to work in a manner that suits you so that the fear of not succeeding doesn’t hold you back.



Did you know that engaging in physical exercise can nudge you away from left-brain-dominated thinking and open the door to a more creative mindset? It’s not just about getting your body moving; exercise also boosts blood flow and oxygen to your brain, giving your mental clarity a good boost.


Setting aside a small window in your day, even if it’s just 10 or 20 minutes, to journal can quickly spark your creative energy. Write about your emotions, daily aspirations, something exciting you’re anticipating in the future, or simply jot down any spontaneous thoughts that cross your mind. 

By exploring your thoughts in this manner and capturing them on paper, you might discover the gateway to a more imaginative future. If you still don’t have a journal, we have the perfect one waiting for you! Check out our amazing journals here.



Research suggests that when we wholeheartedly engage in activities we love – in simpler terms, have fun – it sparks creative thinking and quiets our self-doubt. Play with toys, create something, step outdoors… and, above all, embrace your inner child!


We’re all born creative – don’t ever doubt it. Sometimes, it just may take more time to get our creative juices flowing.